Future Leadership, Old Issues, New Methods

Editor: Dr Douglas V Johnson II Each year, the Army After Next Seminar students are asked to orient their Strategy Research Papers on topics appropriate to the programs 30-years in the future focus. Thirty years ago, the United States Army was deeply involved in Vietnam and in the Cold War. Officers could reasonably expect to …

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Population Diversity and the U.S. Army

Editor: COL Lloyd J Matthews, Dr Tinaz Pavri The Army War College, through its Strategic Outreach Program, makes a concerted effort to connect with various American civilian entities not only to promote mutual understanding, but also to find collaborative solutions for military problems that ultimately affect all Americans. Spelman College, positioned at the core of …

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On Diversity

Author: LTC Andre H Sayles Colonel Sayles logically and calmly asks questions about diversity and its effect on the future of organizations, individual soldiers, and leaders. He provides important arguments in support of the Army’s Consideration of Others Program. His thought-provoking discussion of diversity in the military meets his goal of providing dialogue that will …

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