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Sept. 21, 2023

Original Sin: Power, Technology and War in Outer Space

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Book Review: https://media.defense.gov/2023/Sep/26/2003308700/-1/-1/1/230920-A-JQ161-0024.JPG
76th Birthday of Air Force | 

Book Review: Original Sin: Power, Technology and War in Outer Space 


Bleddyn E. Bowen  

| Reviewed by Jeffrey Caton, colonel, US Air Force (retired), and president, Kepler Strategies LLC | 

Based on three key arguments, Original Sin covers the development of spacepower during the Cold War, space technology’s progress, and the weapons, planning and doctrine that surround space warfare. The reviewer notes, “What sets Original Sin apart from similar books is the outstanding context it provides and its willingness to challenge trite slogans attached to spacepower.” 

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Keywords: spacepower, technology, global space age, strategy, anti-satellite weapons