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USAWC Quarterly: Parameters Spring 2020
Special Commentary: #FakeNews in #NatSec. Civil-Military Relations. Adapting to Adaptive Adversaries. Strategic Lieutenants Part II
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Nonstate Actors and Anti-Access/Area Denial Strategies: The Coming Challenge
This monograph explores the emerging challenge of nonstate actors’ anti-access and area denial (A2/AD) strategies and their implications…
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Professionalizing the Iraqi Army: US Engagement after the Islamic State
Security cooperation with Iraq remains a critical component of the US-Iraq relationship. Despite neighboring Iran's ability to limit US political and economic engagement, Iraq still seeks US assistance to develop its military and to combat resurgent terrorist organizations.
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Turkey and the United States on the Brink: Implications for NATO and the US-Turkish Strategic and Military Partnership
This monograph traces the roots of the current tensions between the United States and Turkey and offers several policy recommendations for new directions. It identifies challenges and highlights concerns over Turkey's…
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USAWC Quarterly: Parameters Winter 2019-20
FEATURES: "War Colleges: A Debate" articles by Richard D. Hooker Jr. and Richard A. Lacquement Jr. Afghanistan’s Lessons: Part II" articles by Sten Rynning, Harald Høiback, and Rhys Crawley. "Strategic Lieutenants" articles by Scott A. Silverstone and An Jacobs.
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A Modern Army Reserve for a Multi-Domain World: Structural Realities and Untapped Potential
Since its inception in 1908, the US Army Reserve has made important, diverse, and cost-effective contributions to our nation while demonstrating the ability to adapt…
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December 02–03, 2019
“Enhancing US-India Strategic Cooperation”
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“Tactics teaches the use of armed forces in the engagement; strategy, the use of engagements for the object of the war.”