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Parameters VOL. 50 NO. 2 Summer 2020
Special Commentary: "The Compound Security Dilemma" by Isaiah Wilson III and Scott A. Smitson. "Geostrategic Net Estimate" by John R. Deni, Nathan P. Freier, and John H. Schaus. "Geostrategic Forecasting" by Carol V. Evans, Marybeth P. Ulrich, and G. K. Cunningham. "Leadership and Innovation" by Steven Metz, C. Anthony Pfaff, and Michael E. Lynch. "Applied Strategic Art" by Samantha A. Taylor, Amanda B. Cronkhite, Earl J. Catagnus Jr., Jonathan P. Klug, and John A. Bonin. …
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Commentary on “The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028”
Does The US Army in Multi-Domain Operations 2028 lack a clear theory of victory? A comparative analysis of the development of MDO and the historical concepts of Active Defense and AirLand Battle reveals the necessity of greater insight into sources of Russian and Chinese behavior and countering mechanisms, what constitutes effective deterrence, and greater clarity regarding the political will of Allies to assist in this deterrence.
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Senior Conference 55—The Emerging Environment in the Indo-Pacific Region: Drivers, Directions, and Decisions
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USAWC Quarterly: Parameters Spring 2020
Special Commentary: #FakeNews in #NatSec. Civil-Military Relations. Adapting to Adaptive Adversaries. Strategic Lieutenants Part II
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Nonstate Actors and Anti-Access/Area Denial Strategies: The Coming Challenge
This monograph explores the emerging challenge of nonstate actors’ anti-access and area denial (A2/AD) strategies and their implications…
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Professionalizing the Iraqi Army: US Engagement after the Islamic State
Security cooperation with Iraq remains a critical component of the US-Iraq relationship. Despite neighboring Iran's ability to limit US political and economic engagement, Iraq still seeks US assistance to develop its military and to combat resurgent terrorist organizations.
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December 02–03, 2019
“Enhancing US-India Strategic Cooperation”
SSI/IU Collaboration
Indiana University Bloomington
Bloomington, IN

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“Tactics teaches the use of armed forces in the engagement; strategy, the use of engagements for the object of the war.”