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Publications | May 29, 2024

Parameters | Summer 2024

The Summer issue is out! In this edition: "What American Policymakers Misunderstand about the Belt and Road Initiative" by Zenel Garcia and Phillip Guerreiro; A Major's Perspective “Professional Discourse Is Shaping the Force”; Civil-Military

Publications | May 29, 2024

Playing Both Sides of the U.S.-Chinese Rivalry

Why Countries Get External Security from Washington—and Internal Security from BeijingOn a visit to Budapest in late February, China’s minister of public security, Wang Xiaohong, secured a face-to-face meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor

European Security | May 28, 2024

The New NATO Force Model: Ready For Launch?

Allies are in the process of a dramatic change to the Alliance’s force structure, which will see the NATO Response Force (NRF) replaced with a three tiered structure of Allied forces, to include an Allied Reaction Force (ARF), all of which is

South & Latin America | May 23, 2024

China-Argentina Space Engagement

This work examines China - Argentine Space Collaboration, with a focus on the PRC Operated Deep Space Radar Facility in Neuquén. It argues that in interest of national development, and in the context of hopes for benefit from Argentina’s broader

Publications | May 13, 2024

Argentina: Security Challenges and the Government Response

Summary: In addition to Argentina’s profound economic crisis, the nation faces serious security challenges. These include use of the country as a drug transit zone, including cocaine from Bolivia and Peru bound for Europe and marijuana from
Parameters Summer 2024
Parameters | Summer 2024
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Parameters Spring 2024
Parameters | Spring 2024
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Welcome to the Winter 2023–24 issue of Parameters. 

This issue consists of two In Focus commentaries which bring to light observations from the Russia-Ukraine War, two forums addressing deterrence and strategic influence, and the inaugural Director’s Corner for the China Landpower Studies Center (CLSC). 

Keywords: deterrence; Ukraine; Russia; Putin; NATO; unmanned aerial systems; deep strike; reconnaissance-strike complex; electronic warfare; Russia-Ukraine War; nuclear; misperception; Russia; multidomain operations; freedom to roam; grand strategy; offshore balancing; offensive realism; regional hegemony; stopping power of water; Middle East; integrated deterrence; strategy; Cold War; flexible response; New Look; economic interests; globalization; strategic competition; multinational exercises; bilateral exercises; reflexive control; strategic behavior; strategic analysis; nonlinearity; complex adaptive system; civil-military relations; general officers; promotions; flag officers; political participation; People’s Liberation Army; Chinese Communist Party; Belt and Road Initiative; China; Landpower; security assistance; Iran; Operation Iraqi Freedom; Operation Enduring Freedom; Bill Clinton; George W. Bush; Barack Obama; Civil War; Army of Tennessee; John B. Hood; William Tecumseh Sherman; Battle of Atlanta; Close Combat Lethality Task Force; Secretary of Defense General James N. Mattis; Iraq; Vicksburg Campaign; Ulysses S. Grant; William T. Sherman; Chickasaw Bayou; World War I; World War II; W. E. B. Du Bois; Talented Tenth; 1920s; citizen-soldier; National Guard; modern Army; Harry S. Truman; atomic bomb; Japan; nuclear war; North Korea; George W. Bush; Kim Il-Sung; Kim Jong-Un; China; Xi Jinping; Chinese Dream; authoritarianism; diplomacy; Samuel P. Huntington; Carl von Clausewitz; Dwight D. Eisenhower; George S. Patton; Kenneth Payne; Jan Smuts; South Africa; World War I in Africa; German South West Africa; German East Africa
Parameters | Winter 2023–24
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Parameters | Autumn 2023

From the Acting Editor in Chief
Conrad C. Crane

In Focus
A Historical Perspective on Today’s Recruiting Crisis
Brian McAllister Linn

Parameters | Autumn 2023
A Call to Action: Lessons from Ukraine for the Future Force
Katie Crombe and John A. Naglhttps://press.armywarcollege.edu/parameters/vol53/iss3/10

Strategic Challenges
The Strategic Importance of Taiwan to the United States and Its Allies: Part Two – A Focus on Policy since the Start of the Russia-Ukraine War
Luke P. Bellocchi

The Impact of Antarctic Treaty Challenges on the US Military
Ryan J. Bridley and Kevin W. Matthews

US-Russia Foreign Policy: Confronting Russia’s Geographic Anxieties
Caitlin P. Irby

Historical Studies
Urban Resistance to Occupation: An Underestimated Element of Land Warfare
Kevin D. Stringer and Jelle J. H. Hooiveld

The Chechen Kadyrovtsy’s Coercive Violence in Ukraine
Wilson A. Jones

SRAD Director’s Corner
US Army War College Russia-Ukraine War Study Project
Eric Hartunian

Autumn Book Reviews
Parameters | Autumn 2023
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The US Army War College Quarterly, Parameters, is a refereed forum for contemporary strategy and Landpower issues. It furthers the education and professional development of senior military officers and members of government and academia concerned with national security affairs.

Parameters is indexed in, inter alia, Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals, US Government Periodicals Index, LexisNexis Government Periodicals Index, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, Lancaster Index to Defence & International Security Literature (UK), and PAIS Bulletin. Book reviews are indexed in Gale Group’s Book Review Index. Parameters is also available through ProQuest and UMI.

Parameters  Bookshelf
Cover for The Wandering Army: The Campaigns That Transformed the British Way of war
The Wandering Army: The Campaigns that Transformed the British Way of War
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Cover for Thanks for Your Service: The Causes and Consequences of Public Confidence in the US Military
Thanks for Your Service: The Causes and Consequences of Public Confidence in the US Military
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Cover for Limited Force and the Fight for the Just War Tradition
Limited Force and the Fight for the Just War Tradition
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Book Review: Resourcing the National Security Enterprise: Connecting the Ways and Means of US National Security
Book Review: Resourcing the National Security Enterprise: Connecting the Ways and Means of US National Security
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