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About the Program

Through its Strategic Engagement Program, SSI collaborates with premier universities and research institutes to examine key strategic issues identified by the Army and the Joint Community. SSI and its partners study these issues at academic colloquia which bring together renowned subject matter experts from academia, government, and industry. The resultant publications inform policy makers and senior military staff. Past university partners include Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, Princeton, Oxford, Columbia, Queen’s, Miami, Chicago, and research centers including the Brookings Institute and the National Bureau of Asian Research. Conference co-sponsors have included U.S. PACOM, U.S. SOUTHCOM, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Army.

Benefits of Partnering with SSI

  • Contribute to the national strategic dialogue by exposing policy makers and senior military officers to a diversity of strategic thinking and research.
  • Publish your research through SSI. As the Army’s strategic think tank, SSI publications have inherent credibility with the highest levels of government and industry.
  • Build relationships between scholars, students, and leading practitioners to identify, analyze, and discuss key national security issues.
  • Access funding for your conference program.
  • Impact the U.S. Army War College curricula and student research

Forming a Partnership

  • Contact the Strategic Engagement Office at SSI for more information.
  • SSI will provide a lead researcher to collaborate with your institution to develop a research topic or question based on the U.S. Army War College Key Strategic Issues List.
  • SSI administrative staff will assist your institution with formatting and preparation of the research proposal.
  • Formal conference proposals are submitted in response to a Department of the Army “Request for Proposals.”
  • SSI convenes an evaluation board to identify the best proposals. The number of awards varies each year based on funding.

Strategic Engagement Program Events

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