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April 12, 2024

Risk, Rumors, and Reprisals: The Imagined Side of Professional Writing

By Brennan Deveraux

With the Army’s renewed emphasis on professional writing, a disturbing narrative will likely resurface that publishing is dangerous to an author’s career. While many have articulated the benefits of joining the professional discourse, myself included, prospective authors may imagine backlash from a poorly received article. To take a public stance and challenge the status quo is terrifying; it is the status quo for a reason, after all. Consequently, a rumor, fueled by anecdotal stories, permeates across the force that authors who go against established norms will face career-altering reprisals. While this risk is blown out of proportion, there are gray areas authors should consider before diving into controversial topics.

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Background image from article (https://www.hardingproject.com/p/risk-rumors-and-reprisals-the-imagined) and expanded using Photoshop Generative AI by US Army War College Press