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China’s Security Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean

An overview of the characteristics and trends in China’s security engagement in the region, and how it is evolving.China’s activities in the security and defense sector in Latin America and the Caribbean are a small but strategically significant

China-Latin America Space Cooperation: An Overview

As China has increased its political and economic cooperation with Latin America, it has also expanded its space engagement with the region.In September 2023, during a visit to China, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced an agreement in

CMSI Note #4: Deck Cargo Ships: Another Option for a Cross-Strait Invasion

CMSI Perspectives and Key Take-Aways: In addition to RO-RO ferries, the PLA also uses another class of RO-RO ship, the deck cargo ship, in sea transport training exercises. Deck cargo ships are widely used in China’s ocean engineering and

PRC Engagement with Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe: Compa...

PRC Engagement with Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe: Comparisons and Insights R. Evan Ellis Over the past twenty years, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has expanded its political, institutional, economic, and other forms of

The Mixed Message About China's Economy

Chinese Premier Li Qiang spoke this week at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, saying the Chinese economy was doing just fine. Signals out of Beijing have been conveying a different message.SHEENA CHESTNUT GREITENS: So I think that the idea
Current and Future Challenges for Asian Nonproliferation Export Controls: A Regional Response
October 1, 2004

Civil-Military Change in China: Elites, Institutes, and Ideas After the 16th Party Congress
September 1, 2004

A Nation at War in an Era of Strategic Change
September 1, 2004

Uncomfortable Questions Regarding the inevitable Succession of Power in Cuba
September 1, 2004

Fighting in the Gray Zone: A Strategy to Close the Preemption Gap
September 1, 2004

Is it all about Winning?
August 1, 2004

Homeland Security and Civil Liberties
July 8, 2004

U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy, 1st Edition
July 1, 2004

Strategic Ends in the Middle East
July 1, 2004

Britain’s Role in U.S. Missile Defense
July 1, 2004