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Publications | May 29, 2024

Playing Both Sides of the U.S.-Chinese Rivalry

Why Countries Get External Security from Washington—and Internal Security from BeijingOn a visit to Budapest in late February, China’s minister of public security, Wang Xiaohong, secured a face-to-face meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor

European Security | May 28, 2024

The New NATO Force Model: Ready For Launch?

Allies are in the process of a dramatic change to the Alliance’s force structure, which will see the NATO Response Force (NRF) replaced with a three tiered structure of Allied forces, to include an Allied Reaction Force (ARF), all of which is

South & Latin America | May 23, 2024

China-Argentina Space Engagement

This work examines China - Argentine Space Collaboration, with a focus on the PRC Operated Deep Space Radar Facility in Neuquén. It argues that in interest of national development, and in the context of hopes for benefit from Argentina’s broader

Publications | May 13, 2024

Argentina: Security Challenges and the Government Response

Summary: In addition to Argentina’s profound economic crisis, the nation faces serious security challenges. These include use of the country as a drug transit zone, including cocaine from Bolivia and Peru bound for Europe and marijuana from

South & Latin America | May 1, 2024

Paraguay: A Promising Government Navigating a Perilous Path

The greatest gift that Cartes can give the country and President Peña is to empower Peña to take the real and symbolic steps to frontally tackle corruption. Paraguay, a land-locked country at the heart of South America, is strategically important for
The Strategist and the Web: Guide to Internet Resources
February 1, 1996

World View: The 1996 Strategic Assessment from the Strategic Studies Institute
February 1, 1996

Armies and Democracy in the New Africa: Lessons from Nigeria and South Africa
January 1, 1996

The Awakening: The Zapatista Revolt and Its Implications for Civil-Military Relations and the Future of Mexico
December 1, 1994

Pandora’s Box Reopened: Ethnic Conflict in Europe and Its Implications
December 1, 1994

Total Force: Federal Reserves and State National Guards
December 1, 1994

Hamas and Hizbollah: The Radical Challenge to Israel in the Occupied Territories
November 1, 1994

Security Cooperation with China: Analysis and a Proposal
November 1, 1994

Germany, France and NATO
October 1, 1994

Haiti Strategy: Control, Legitimacy, Sovereignty, Rule of Law, Handoffs, and Exit
October 1, 1994