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July 6, 2023

Security Challenges in the Caribbean: Threats, Migration, and International Cooperation

By Dr. R. Evan Ellis, PhD US Army War College

R. Evan Ellis 

The Caribbean faces growing security challenges, ranging from geopolitical tensions to armed violence and the gang epidemic, exacerbated by drug trafficking and competition for drug routes. The region has also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, mass migration, and money laundering. Caribbean countries require integrated solutions to address these issues, including strengthening institutions, combating crime and corruption, and addressing underlying causes such as inequality and drug demand. International cooperation, particularly with the United States (USA), plays a crucial role in facing these challenges and restoring stability in the Caribbean region. 

Keywords: Caribbean, Security Challenges, Geopolitical Tensions, Armed Violence, Gangs, COVID-19, Migration, Money Laundering, Integrated Solutions, Institutional Strengthening, Crime Prevention, Corruption, Inequality, Drug Demand, International Cooperation, United States, Stability. 

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