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Frequently Asked Questions

About SSI

Has SSI ever had another name?

Yes, prior to 1971 we were known as the Institute for Advanced Studies.

What are the departments of SSI?

  • Strategic Research and Analysis focuses on global, transregional and functional issues.
  • Regional Strategy and Planning focuses on regional issues.
  • Academic Engagement creates and sustains partnerships with the scholarly community to bring its resources to bear on Army and Joint issues.
  • Publications Office provides editorial support and is the contact point for publication requests.

How many studies are produced each year?

On average, SSI produces about 40-50 studies per year.

Are any members of the SSI faculty instructors at the War College?

Yes, they teach various electives.

Who has operational control of SSI?

The War College and SSI are under U.S. Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

What is the mission of SSI?

SSI’s mission is to use independent analysis to conduct strategic studies that develop policy recommendations for the Army’s senior leadership.


What is the SSI funding allowance for an ERAP monograph?

If published through the External Research Associates Program, the funding allowance depends upon the length and scope of the research project.

Visiting Research Professor

How can I join SSI?

You can apply to the Visiting Research Professorship program at SSI. These professorships last one to two years and there is no required teaching. The successful candidate will advance their own research while simultaneously producing SSI studies on national security policy and military strategy which will be distributed to military leaders, government officials, civilian academics, and the global strategic community.

The visiting research professor must be a full-time employee of an educational or research organization eligible to return following their appointment at SSI. Students, employees of the Federal government, and employees of for-profit organizations are not eligible. The visitor will remain an employee of his or her current institution at current salary. The Army War College will reimburse the employing institution for the visitor’s full salary and benefits. The War College also provides generous travel and research support, and may provide relocation assistance.

To request more information, mail, fax, or email a c.v. or resume, a list of references, one sample publication, a summary research agenda, and a one paragraph proposal for an SSI study to:

Visiting Research Professorship Advisor
Strategic Studies Institute
U.S. Army War College
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013-5244

Phone: (717) 245-4126
Fax: (717) 245-3820

About Carlisle

This section is primarily for conference attendees and prospective employees.

Where is Carlisle?
Carlisle is centrally located approximately 190 miles east of Pittsburgh, 190 miles south west of New York, 130 miles north west of Washington, D.C., 120 miles west of Philadelphia, and 20 miles west of Harrisburg, the state’s capitol.
What is the population of Carlisle?

About 19,000.

What is the average cost to rent a house in Carlisle?
The average 2 Bedroom 1 Bath apartment rents for about $625. The average 2 bedroom 1 bath house rents for about $850. The average 3 bedroom 2 bath House with garage rents for about $1400.
What is there to do around Carlisle?
Carlisle’s location is ideal for the person who loves peaceful suburb living, the outdoors, and day trips. Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Pittsburgh, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, New Jersey Beaches, and countless other attractions are just a few hours away. For the Gettysburg enthusiast, there is no better location other than Gettysburg itself. Carlisle has its own theater, Dickinson College’s cultural center, fine dining, and cinemas. It is only 25 minutes from the state’s capitol, Harrisburg, which boasts several festivals per year, a sports stadium, hundreds of restaurants and bars, educational centers, museums, parks, and a club for just about every type of recreation. If you are into the outdoors, Carlisle is in the Michaux State Forest region, offering many places for hiking, biking, camping, and swimming. It also contains a portion of the Appalachian Trail for those seeking multi-day hikes.
Where can I find more information about Carlisle?

From the borough website: http://www.carlislechamber.org/

From the area’s newspapers: https://www.pennlive.com | https://www.cumberlink.com

From Dickinson College: https://www.dickinson.edu/carlisle/


I can’t view part of your site!

Please report the pages you are trying to view to our webmaster: usarmy.carlisle.awc.mbx.ssi-webmaster@mail.mil

I’m trying to download a pub and a “Save as” box appears, then when I try to open the file, windows says “open with?”

This is a sign that you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer. This free utility is required to read many Internet documents, including our publications. Visit https://www.adobe.com to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I have a suggestion for your website. Whom do I tell?

We are a small team with one programmer/designer and one data entry person, but we would be happy to implement any reasonable suggestions or requests that would complement our website.